How to choose the right storage shelf when purchasing?

发布日期:2018-10-07 11:33:29

How to choose the right storage shelf when purchasing:

Today, warehouse shelves have become an indispensable device in many industries. With the continuous development and advancement of production shelf technology, the variety is also increasing, especially in this developed city. Common shelves include attic shelves, gravity shelves, and light shelves. So, on so many shelves, how to choose the right warehouse shelves? Today, Xiaobian wants to support you.

1. Factory structure:

First of all, when selecting storage shelves, pay attention to the plant frame, such as the available height of the building, the position of the beam and the fire facilities. Because these are related to the shape and size of the shelf, for example, the effective height of the shop will affect the height of the shelf; the position of the beam and column will also affect the shelf configuration.


2. Storage of goods:

The shape, size and weight of the stored items will also directly affect the choice of shelf size. For example, the weight of the stored goods affects the strength of the selected shelf, and the size of the storage will also affect the choice of shelf structure. In addition, the storage density and accessibility of goods are closely related to the choice of shelf type. In a relatively complex storage environment, it is necessary to find the right type of item based on the item in order to maximize the storage environment.

3. Processing equipment:

Of course, the storage of goods is inseparable from the handling equipment, so the choice of shelves also needs to consider the handling equipment. For example: haulage equipment commonly used in stackers, ordinary counterweights, narrow channel type, using different types of stackers requires shelves of different widths. Therefore, this should also be considered.

4. Production:

First-in-first-out (FIFO) sequences, access frequency and quantity are also important issues to consider when choosing a shelf. There are many types of shelves that can be reasonably stored, but the density of the shelves must be chosen according to the environment.

What points should we pay attention to when choosing a storage rack? Through the above explanation, I believe that we have learned to pay attention to the selection of the shelf, I hope you can apply to the actual. In addition, if you want to choose a good quality, reasonably priced shelf, you can call Tianjingang.


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