Let’s take a look at how Tianjingang puts the shelves of convenience stores.

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Let’s take a look at how Tianjingang puts the shelves of convenience stores:

Today, many people choose to open convenience stores to do their business, but they find it not as simple as they think. If you want to run this small shop well, there are many mysteries here: for example, do you know how to set up a mobile line through the shelf, affecting the customer's desire to buy?

How to get the best chance and best results in a limited convenience store? This is the shelf on how operators place convenience stores.

Today, let's talk about the common sense of convenience store shelves.

8 standards for placing shelves in convenience stores.

The shelves of the Bento store are not only for the sake of beauty, but also for the comfort and convenience of the entire shopping environment. Therefore, operators are encouraged to observe the following five criteria when placing shelves.

1. Complete display of product information and functions

The ultimate goal of the convenience store is still to sell the product, so we should place the shelf with the characteristics of the product itself so that the customer can find the product more easily and faster.

For example, place a promotional shelf near a shop window, or create a promotional stack next to the checkout counter and use the most common places for these customer activities to increase promotional opportunities.

2, clear classification, convenient for customers to find.

Convenience store customers are very sensitive to the convenience of shopping. If the product is not classified, it will give people a sense of chaos.

For example, operators should separate food and household cleaning products on two shelves and place two related products near the shelves to form a connection so that customers can find a convenient supply of policy products.

3, transparent and comfortable.

The shelf height of convenience stores placed in different areas should be different. Small shelves are placed in the center of the store and at the entrance to allow light and air to enter better so that customers can see clearly.

In detail, the height of the Bento store shelf center should not be higher than 1.60 meters, and it is best to place the shelf height between 1.8-2 meters, that is, insist on thoroughness in the store and make effective use of the display space.

4. There is a way to meet the needs.

When the shelves are placed, the space between the shelves forms a corridor for the convenience store, and the shelf distance of the different areas (ie the width of the corridor) requires different requirements. The distance between the convenience store shelves should at least ensure that 1-2 people walk easily.

For example, 10-30 small convenience stores, shelves should not be less than 0.8 meters; 30-50 flat medium convenience stores, distance 1-1.5 meters; 50-100 flat large convenience stores, shelves can be placed a little loose, 1.5-2 meters is most suitable.

5. Guide and relax the results of the customer.

Operators can reasonably allocate shelves and product placement positions according to store shape, product sales rules, customer shopping habits, etc., and guide customers to deepen stores and distribute them to various areas to prevent instability.

For example, popular, low-priced, fast-selling product shelves are close to the entrance and exit; expensive, simply damaged products are placed behind the cash register.


Two, four shelf storage methods for convenience store operations

This article introduces the shelf layout standards and then tells us how to place the shelves in a convenience store.

6, single row placement - form a U character line.

Only a set of island shelves are placed in the center of the convenience store, placed close to the wall shelves, windshield cabinets, checkout counters, etc. It is perfect for small and convenient convenience stores.

Such a shelf allows the convenience store to have only one main passage, and the customer must deepen the store along the main passage and read more.

7. Place a single word to form a letter line.

Placing multiple sets of shelves in one direction not only makes the convenience store look neat and orderly, but also has a certain feeling for the entire area.

In this way, the shelves naturally form a main corridor, and the customer goes to the right. There are many sub-channels between the shelves, which is very consistent with people's usual shopping habits.

Island style - 8 character moving line.

Some Bento store centers will have important pillars that will be able to assemble shelves or products placed in the store, corresponding to the pillars, and then weaken the sudden feel of the pillars.

The pillars form a passage between the shelves of the convenience store. Customers don't miss out on rear-mounted products, whether they are bypassing the pillars from the left or right side.

8. Side by side arrangement - Form a migration move line.

In large convenience stores, multiple sets of shelves can be placed side by side according to demand, which can make convenience store products look rich, and dense shelves are not easy for customers to feel monotonous.

The side-by-side racks can be interwoven and connected to the main and sub-channels, forming multiple closed channels between the shelves, and the customer can choose to walk along any moving line along the entire shelf.

In the eyes of most customers, convenience stores are not only the price of products, but also a comfortable and convenient shopping environment through reasonable shelf layout and route planning, which is the edge of customer consumption.


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