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Hanging board


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1. Square hole hanging plate and hook are used together. The hook can change the hole position arbitrarily, and the positioning is quick and safe.

    All kinds of hand tools positioning management, saving time to find, square hole hanging board (square hole is 10x10mm, hole spacing is 38mm)

    Can also be added to the workbench

2. The louver hanging plate is suitable for the back-mounted component box, which is easy to hang, and the small materials and parts are easy to be classified.

    Storage management. Easy to install, it can be used with square hole hanging board. Hundred-page hanging board can also be added to the workbench

3. Two bends on the edge of the hanging plate, not hurting the hand

4. There are positioning holes on the back of the hanging plate for easy installation.

5. The surface is spray-coated, environmentally friendly and beautiful.


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